Faster diagnosis of CNS disorders

How will EVestG™ revolutionise treatment of brain disorders?

At the present time, mental disorder diagnosis requires clinicians to subjectively classify symptoms using clinical manuals and assessment criteria. These methods are approximately 65% accurate on the first visit to a specialist, with many disorders requiring months or years for a definitive diagnosis.

EVestG™ provides a simple and minimally-invasive test that measures neural function using a sensitive and innovative technique. In future, when EVestG™ normative databases are expanded to over 80 subjects for each condition, Neural Diagnostics will be able to diagnose a broad range of mental conditions with 90% accuracy at the time of measurement. That is to say, once installed, a diagnosis would be possible after the first visit to the specialist clinician’s office.

The system will also quickly monitor the effectiveness of treatments and therapies for these mental conditions. Such a function would ensure that patients are receiving the optimal treatment. It would also significantly reduce costs in clinical trials for new pharmaceutical compounds designed for action in the brain.

An EVestG™v system is already helping patients and researchers at the Monash Alfred Psychiatric Research Centre. It is being used to discover and validate biomarkers that accurately diagnosed patients with a broad range of conditions such as Parkinson’s, major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and Meniere’s.

A second unit has been in operation at the University of Manitoba (Canada) since 2010 in order to discover and validate diagnostic biomarkers that will help separate Alzheimer’s disease from other dementias.

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